AGRO CS was established in 1992 and in that year, it started to produce substrates and fertilizers and sell goods for gardeners. In the following years, subsidiaries in Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania were established.

In 2013 and 2015 AGRO CS became a majority owner of an agricultural company focusing on plant production and a livestock agriculture company focusing on the meat production. Within the years, the company grew and it was necessary to increase both the production and the storage capacity. In 2007 a new production and logistics centre was built. Its total warehouse capacity is about 115 000 m2 of hard surfaces and 60 000 m3 covered with warehouses.

Nowadays, AGRO CS consists of 4 divisions – Garden, Agricultural Service, Mechanical Engineering and Bioenergy Division. All of them are known among its customers as reliable and responsible suppliers of products, services and modern technologies for gardening.

Moreover, AGRO CS company established two subsidiaries in Lithuania in 2009 and 2011. Since October 2015, AGRO CS has been the owner of a bog and a peat production plant in Belarus. Skuraty Bog in Belarus with the area of 1 000 hectares increased the former number of bogs to the total area around 1 500 hectares.

This bog is exceptionally compact and homogeneous. It is divided into three harvesting sites that are the source of high quality peat of A category (Sphagnum white peat). Therefore, AGRO CS will be fully self-sufficient in supplying this raw material for the next twenty years at least. However, we hold the license for harvesting of peat for the next 32 years in total. Our production plant is situated on the border of a currently harvested site. Moreover, it is completely equipped with technological lines for peat production that are designed and manufactured by the Mechanical Engineering Division. The screening line together with the mixing line is the heart of our modern technology. What is more, there are two big bale presses for palletizing peat packages and last but not least we own an automated bagging machine, which packs peat and substrate bags with the volumes of 225l and 250l.

In the season 2021-2022 we harvested more than 500 000 m3 of peat. Therefore, AGRO CS positions itself in the European elite companies producing substrates. With the certainty of the top quality raw materials for many decades ahead, it represents a reliable and responsible company for all partners on the world market.